The story unfolds in a testing laboratory with the best energy technology, inside a bunker in an unknown destination, operated by scientists from the former USSR in search of the perfect formula to be deposited in a classified project.

So much energy has never before been contained in a bottle. You had better not touch it, one can never know what consequences it might have. The campaign consisted in showing the new Rexona deodorant, a product loaded with pure energy. The way to show it was challenging the users to reassamble the can that exploded in many tiny 3D pieces in the least time possible, in order to win a trip to Russia to fly a combat jet a L39 plane.

The game starts after the bottle explodes and your job is to piece it together. Click on the background and drag to navigate around the scene. Click and drag the pieces until you find their matching silhouette. To encourage users to get a better time in the game, we keep triggering their scores by email with their flight confirmation to Russia, making them feel as undercover agents, aiming to be the one to be part of an international undercover mission. We had a user database of 50,000 active people in our digital experience, with an impressive response of 95% of the users going back to the site.

The production was based on the latest 3D tech available with a Papervision3D engine / Flash, with the collaboration of Grupo W & HELLOMONDAY (Carlos Ulloa, creator of the Open Source project Papervision3D) to release an unexpected gaming and digital adventure for a new gamer audience.

-FWA Site
-IAB Conecta 2010 – Silver
-El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2010 – Silver
-Webby Awards 2010 – Finalist
-Pixel Awards 2010 – Finalist

Nitro / Energy Lab Experience (3D Puzzle)


Role: Creative / Strategy / Production

Client: Unilever / Rexona