PROJECT: #enchingatown
CLIENT: #enchingatown

To be “en chinga” is a common phrase in Mexico that indicates that you are pretty busy at the moment. We used “we are #enchingatown” (referencing “Chinatown” as a place) on Twitter to refer to that situation. The idea was creating a website and social platform in which people could check-in into daily situations that keeps them busy or stressed out, to transform this idea and momentum into something people wanted to share.

Full of Internet memes and inside jokes, the site was an instant hit, getting thousands of check-ins from different countries in a couple of days, being featured on national and international media (tv, radio, magazines, newspapers and of course Internet), becoming sort of a new urban word, and of course a new “check-in platform for busy people in Mexico and the world” and a new community with their own Trend Topic #enchingatown for days and days, with more than 100K #enchingatown checkins in just three months.


Role: Creative / Strategy / Production

Client: Enchingatown